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Safety Tracking Solved

View Employee Certificates on any device, at any time

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Our services

Managing your safety needs for you

Certification Input

You upload,
we verify and input

Cloud Based Forms

Make the move to paperless! We take your safety forms (audits, BBO's, permits, etc), and make them available on the cloud

Training Matrices

Easily create a matrix
with a few clicks

Expiration Alerts

Employees and administration staff
get alerted 30, 60 and 90 days
before expiration

How it works

How we save you time and money

A fully managed Safety Solution We do the work, so you don't have to

Why choose us

We're experts in moving your Safety Tracking and Auditing to the cloud for better analytics, collection and accuracy.

Why to choose us

Our team of data entry specialists do the work of inputting and verifying certifications, rather than your administration staff. Simply upload scans or photos of certifications and an employee list spreadsheet, and we take it from there.

Employees can even upload a photo taken from their cellphone, bypassing the administration staff completely.

We take the workload off your administration staff and HSE professionals. Did you know it costs over $70 to fill out a paper form for review? By moving your safety forms to the cloud, it removes the need to physically move, re-enter, and sort through documents. They are always available, organized, and searchable.

Furthermore, our specialized data input staff uses custom technology to efficiently and accurately input your data, freeing up your administration staff to do other work.

We keep all your safety training records organized and current and provide 24/7 online access where you can confirm specific worker certification from anywhere.

Using our custom platform, we can integrate all facets of your safety program to suit your needs. This includes: Safety Forms, Certifications, KPIs & Analytics, Alerts and more.

Our team includes members with over 15 years of International HSE Experience, and members with over 15 years of Custom Cloud Software Expertise. We know the field, and we know how to translate that into software that works for you.

Knowledgeable, local, and available. Our support staff is ready to help with any problems or questions.

Some facts about us

10k+ Certificates Inputted
10 Team Members
100+ Forms Created
30k+ Notifications Sent